Grant Petty of THE DELIVERANCE chats with BANG YOUR HEAD!(lines)

The Deliverance

The Deliverance

THE DELIVERANCE are a new band featuring vocalist Grant Petty, and music written by Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, SORROW) and bass by Frank Watkins (GORGOROTH, ex-OBITUARY).  Stepping away from the pedigree of extreme metal that follows them, The Deliverance play a much more melodic, aggressive rock/metal hybrid similar to Avenged Sevenfold (with moments that are perhaps more akin to the symphonic moments from early Faith No More, or even Living Colour, due to Petty’s surprising vocal range).

On Monday, June 28th, BANG YOUR HEAD!(lines)’ Tim Bannock spoke with Grant about the band’s debut album — the purposely misspelled “Revolation” — as well as several inside-the-industry  comments about music video production.

Here’s some of the topics covered:

  • Best and worst parts of music video making (hint: drunken debauchery)
  • The making of the band as well as their debut album
  • Metallica vs. Megadeth
  • Can Avenged Sevenfold kick KoRn’s ass?
  • Who would Grant pick to destroy American Idol forever
  • Current touring plans

You can listen to both interviews here (or download it from this link as an MP3 file if you wanna hear it Podcast style!):

Part One


Part Two


Looking for more info?  Check THE DELIVERANCE out on MySpace!

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