The Band Name Generator VII – Contest Winner Edition!


Dave Brooks

Dave Brooks…or is it?

A good band name is not an easy decision any more. With music clearly moving online and bands having to establish an unforgettable identity in a generation of ADHD-addled kids in less time than an ANAL CUNT song, a clever moniker is a necessity.

But there are so many bands in so many countries, and so many of them have crappy websites, shitty MySpace pages, and dreadful names. And good names, too.

So how do you come up with your own?

With Dave Brooks’ BAND NAME GENERATOR (TM) (R) (c), of course!

Each article will feature a list of ten band names that have been generated using an incredibly complex database of random words and strings. Months of computing arcane algorithms have come up with a nearly endless list of names that most likely have never been dreamed of, either now, in the past, nor in the future. These names are wholly unique, and we are offering them to the artistic community FOR FREE!

Here’s ten more!.

  1. Most Greatest
  2. Saunasize
  3. Perspective Septic Skeptic (P.S.S.)
  4. Staeta Maika Mess
  5. Blizzard Ring
  6. Digit Stinker
  7. Fuck2
  8. Dig Dug Grave
  9. For The Love Of God!
  10. Titty Gutskins


Shawn is the Band Name Generator Contest winner!

Winning entry: The Tic Tac Tones

He will receive Thulium’s 3 song EP as promised.



About Dave Brooks

Born naked and alone with only a copy of "Kill'em All" to keep him company, Dave Brooks persevered and learned all there is to know about Metal. He has reluctantly decided to pass this knowledge down to the common man.