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Former White Sox MVP Frank Thomas has put together a record label – W2W Records – and has recently premiered debut act BELLEVOXX‘s first music video, “Looking For Love.”  Fresh faces with more than a little experience behind them, Denisse Lara, Harmony Moniz, and Raquel Houghton have all appeared on various soundtracks (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and a Spanish language sequel to “The Little Mermaid” among them), on TV’s American Idol, or in various other roles throughout the entertainment industry.

RELEASE LIST had a chance to get an exclusive email interview with Raquel and Harmony, and they proved their sense of humor and their plan to shoot straight to the stars with the debut of their new video and the recording of several tracks for an early 2011 full-length album release.

Check out the video here for “Looking for Love,” and after the jump, enjoy the interview!


Raquel Houghton and Harmony Moniz of BELLEVOXX

Raquel Houghton and Harmony Moniz of BELLEVOXX


1) The debut music video for “Looking for Love” was just released: how has the reaction been?

RAQUEL: The reaction to Looking for Love has been really warm. Everyone who writes us about the song generally says the same thing, it’s catchy, different and just fun.

HARMONY: We have such an amazing reaction to our video “looking for love”. Besides friends and family, the public is really taking a liking to it. Everyone can relate to it, and its appropriate for all age ranges.

2) Having been signed to White Sox MVP Frank Thomas’ label W2W Records, are you forced to watch more baseball than you used to?

RAQUEL: I am not forced to watch more baseball than I am used to just because of our label owner’s status. I actually really like baseball. I have a favorite team that rhymes with dead fox. Oops.

HARMONY: Haha no. I tease Frank about baseball players that I think are cute, and he says I raise his blood pressure. Baseball is an amazing sport, however, and I do enjoy watching as well as going to games.

3) How many times did you guys fall during the roller skating parts of the video?  Any battle scars?

RAQUEL: I didn’t fall once during our rollerskating scene but I did run into walls. A lot. I’m scarred emotionally.

HARMONY: Oh my goodness! I think i was the worst one! I couldnt take a step without hitting the brakes each time. I had to hold on to someone or something everywhere i went. There were chords from the cameras and monitors all over the ground, and that definitely didnt help! I actually DID fall at the end..our hair/makeup artist was helping me tie my skates and pulled on the string, and down i went. Got a rug burn on my elbow.

4) What artists would you most like to tour with?

RAQUEL: I think doing a tour with someone like Fergie, Gwen Stefani or Rihanna would be ridiculously awesome. Or pee wee Herman.

HARMONY: I would love to tour with everyone! haha..but to name a few..Britney spears (if she comes out with another album) Justin Timberlake, usher, Rihanna..those would all be amazing people to tour with!

5) So, which is it, really?  Is it lust?  Is it trust?  Is it you?  Is it me?

RAQUEL:It’s you. Not me.

HARMONY: For me, its lust. I always have a new love interest..i always think im in love, but its def just lust.

6) Was there anything different in regards to the recording process of “Looking for Love” that made it really stand out?

RAQUEL: During the recording of Looking for Love our producer, Mad Scientist made us look at our hands when we were singing. Apparently that opens up your vocals. I felt like Diana Ross. Guess it worked!

HARMONY: There was nothing different in the recording process, but I think “looking for love” stands out because theres nothing like it on radio right now. It kind of brings back the do-op sound that use to be so popular, and mixes it with todays music. I love the blending of those two eras.

7) When you got all done up in the black lingerie for the “sultry” part of the video, did you consider staying in those clothes and going out on the town?  If so, where would you go that you’d feel the most out of place?

RAQUEL:For real? No. A children’s museum.

HARMONY: Those outfits were so much fun! I dont think I would go out on the town wearing it though. People would look at us like we were crazy. If we did, I think wed feel out of place anywhere we went besides a music video set or stage.

8) You have all done work both separately and together on soundtracks.  What do you do differently on these tracks to make them work with whatever movie or show the soundtrack is for?

RAQUEL: I actually didn’t realize “Always There in You” was going to be on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants soundtrack until after I recorded it. Pretty cool. I heard it once in blockbuster. Ha

HARMONY: You usually know the theme of the movie/soundtrack, and find a common ground that fits. The song has to fit into a particular scene. Sometimes it has to be sung in a different way as well. Some more soft and gental, sometimes more powerful and thrilling,

Lightning Round:

1. Megadeth or Metallica?  Or Madonna?

RAQUEL: Choices B and C.

HARMONY: madonna

2. Who would win in this fight: David Bowie vs. En Vogue?

RAQUEL: Bowie. Have you seen how ripped he is?? How old is he??!!

HARMONY: en vogue.

3. How often do any of you guys get up at a Karoake bar and show people how it’sREALLY done?

RAQUEL: We did karaoke at Harmonys place the other night. I sang A Whole New World. You heard that right. Her dad sang Sherry Baby and showed us all up!

HARMONY: my family always has karaoke nights, so we take turns singing..i dont like to sing too much though, makes me look like a show off haha..or ill do fun songs like ymca with the girls!

Last question: what’s next for Bellevoxx?

RAQUEL: We are recording a few more songs that are contenders for our album due out next year. We are also putting together a live show so we are ready to get out there performing everywhere! Let’s go!

HARMONY: world domination. ;)

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