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Shigeto "What We Held On To" EP

Shigeto "What We Held On To" EP

If you’re looking for some driving beats, soothing atmospherics, blippy-hops, and dancing socks, you’ve come to the right place!  Ghostly International is a record label that has a wide variety of artists that exist (just barely) within the boundaries of electronic music, but they run the gamut from 8-bit glitchy stuff to complex atmospherics and poppy melodies.

So, whether it’s badass beats, soothing vocals, or layered waves of melody, there’s literally something for everyone…and there’s a whole bunch of it for FRICKIN’ FREE!

You can check out SHIGETO‘s EP “What We Held On To,” or you can head over to Ghostly International’s download page for a giant selection of free tracks and albums, including stuff from GOLD PANDA, KATE SIMKO, MATTHEW DEAR, THE SIGHT BELOW, and more!

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