FRICKIN FREE Gothic and Progressive Metal for your Holidays

Although the music is in no way related to the holiday season, the fact that these albums are free is very much in the spirit of giving!

Here’s two free full-length albums for you to download and rock out to, featuring some explosive metal of the proggy variety, as well as some slit-your-wrists doom, goth, and dark metal.


Up first is Metalhit’s Free Download series bringing you GOTHIC METAL, including tracks by SARA LEE, NOX AUREA, MOONSPELL, NIGHTSKY BEQUEST, DIATHRA, and more (Gothic / Doom Metal)


Proggy international metallers QAFAS offers their debut conceptual EP “Al-Ahlaam” (translation: “The Dreams“) for free download (Progressive / Experimental Metal)


If you download either/both of these albums, log in and tell us what you think in the comments below!!

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